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Spotlight on Waterbar

November 7, 2019

The old problem of water leaking from wet areas at the wall/floor intersection is now a thing of the past! The Waterbar Stop Leak Flange is designed to overcome leaking taps in showers and all other wet areas. It can also bridge oversized and shattered holes in wallboards. The unique stepped sealant flange ensures the tap spindle is contained, and water leaking is directed into the shower alcove. This allows the tap spindle to be removed without compromising the waterproofing.

By preventing water leaking outside the waterproofed area, the flanges not only eliminate costly repairs but prevents the health risks caused by mould spores growing unnoticed in the wet wallboard – this is an excellent protection for people living with asthma.

Installation is so easy you can even do it yourself.

Waterbar flanges are manufactured right here at Cresta Plastics in South Australia.  

For over 15 years the Waterbar range of tap penetration flanges has been sold to tradesmen, DIY enthusiasts and businesses within the building industry. All products are manufactured locally and distributed directly to you via our online store.

Waterbar was formed after Bob Moule developed and patented the original Waterbar flange and was inspired by his first-hand experience working with oversized and shattered tap penetrations. The flange was designed to deal with the impact of poor waterproofing when taps in shower outlets began to leak.

Their range includes flanges for single tap spindles, a flange that suits most mixer taps and a shower outlet washer. Verity Moule manages the business, so if you have any questions about their products, please don’t hesitate to contact her direct. 

Verity Moule Waterbar


If more plumbers used these flanges when installing taps, there would be fewer insurance claims or significant costly repairs to bathrooms.  As you may well imagine, leaking water can destroy plasterboard and fix you may need to remove and replace tiles not to mention the plumbing and trade expense.

Next time you are having your bathroom remodelled or replacing taps in any outlet of your home, get in touch with Waterbar.