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We understand the marketplace and the importance of your brands. This allows us to offer high quality product development, product liability, with production processes through to finished goods.


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Startup Support

Plastic Product and Component   Entrepreneur and Startup Support

At Cresta Plastics we enjoy working with passionate and inspired people. When someone comes to us with a dream we like nothing more than helping that dream becoming a reality. When it comes to plastic and rubber manufacturing, we understand that going from concept to prototype can be cost prohibitive.

While we can’t work with every Adelaide entrepreneur, when we see a good idea, we like to do what we can to help get ideas off the ground.

We have helped our previous startup customers with;

  • Design support
  • Material selection
  • Grant writing
  • Marketing ideas
  • Packaging solutions
  • Assembly
  • Digital and standard definition printing
  • Patent support
  • Cost analysis
  • Product testing
  • Mentoring
  • Tooling
  • and much more

Having over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing industry means that we are well connected and can help you get in touch with the right people, the right mentors and work with you on your product to maximise your chance of a successful product launch.

While we are very busy with our defence and larger clients, we take a personal satisfaction in giving back to the Adelaide manufacturing community and enjoy working on concepts. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing those concepts come to life and hit the mainstream market.

Tooling up a new product can be a costly experience, so it’s very important to do your homework first. Cresta can help you with mentoring support from clients who have already been through the experience.

We will look at a range of options for tooling and obtain quotes on your behalf to help find the best fit for you and your product.

If you are as passionate as we are about keeping your product local, we will do our best to support your dream.

Recent comparisons have shown that our moulding prices are competitive when compared to Asian companies overseas.

An example of just some of the great South Australian             Plastic Component Startups we have worked with.


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