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Project management

We will work with you and your team from concept through to finished product. Our team can assist in all aspects from selection of toolmaker, material and colour selection.

Prototyping and 3D priniting

If you require a prototype or model of your product prior to mass production allow Cresta connect you with some the industry leaders who can assist you.


The production of your tool is crucial in achieving your final product. We can assist with the quotation of your tool as we work with some of the finest toolmakers in Adelaide. We can offer you multiple quotations as part of the service.

Tool try outs

Our customers take advantage of a substantial discount on the tryout process. This is a crucial process and it is necessary to get the parts right. The try out process is the ideal opportunity to try out different materials and look at the results. It is also vital to check all critical dimensions. We have an open door approach and your attendance at any or all tool try outs is welcomed. Should you not be able to make a try out every outcome will be detailed in our report and the results sent to you with samples for your final approval.

Mould analysis and inspection

Inspection of our parts at regular interval is all just part of the service. All of our parts are checked for quality and consistency during the moulding process. Talk to us today to see if our inspection process meets your quality plan. For mould flow analysis we will bring in our experts to define any issues relating to part filling including replication of reports.

Ultrasonic Welding

This process involves the plastic welding or joining of two materials using ultrasonic acoustic vibrations. This type of welding is usually used to build small assemblies that are small and difficult or delicate to weld in conventional methods. At Cresta Plastics we currently use this process on a range of plastic caps used in the chemical cleaning industry.

Hot Foil Stamping

This process involves the stamping foils (metallic or otherwise) or pigments to plastic components at high heat. We apply a heated stamp to the foil, making the desired stamp to the surface of your product. This production of a stamp offsite is required based on your drawings, logo or text provided.

Pad or screen printing

Traditionally Cresta Plastics have been at the forefront of printing technologies. Many thousands of parts have left our stores over the last 40 years with pad or screen printed logos or text. Due to the recent changes in digital printing we let the experts now handle your printing requirements. We are happy to obtain quotes on your behalf or give you the benefit of our experience on who locally is the best in the business.

Drilling – Flat or rotational

If your product requires the drilling of holes this service is provided onsite.

Product Assembly

We offer a full or part assembly as required for your project or production needs. Allow us to provide you with a full quotation on the assembly needs including all forms of assembly including labour, tooling and materials required. A formal instruction will be made to ensure all parts delivered are uniform and of the highest possible standard each and every time.


We offer a total packaging solution to your product needs. These include clear packaging, individual boxing, blister packaging. You may require packaging of specified quantities in plain boxes from the production or assembly process, delivered direct to your store. We can also provide trays designed to meet your needs to reduce the cost during transport to the next level of your assembly.