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ECAAS an affordable environmental accreditation

August 27, 2014

South Australia predominately consists of responsible minded manufacturers
with environmental and sustainability issues on the agenda of industry
leaders. The journey to environmental management can be financially
prohibitive; change of practice, constant education topped with the costs of
accreditation can be intimidating for small to medium enterprise.

Smaller accreditation companies such as ECAAS offer an affordable solution
specifically designed to assist small and medium sized business establish,
implement and maintain an Environmental Management System.

Environment accreditation benefits business in many ways and can lead
to significant savings in resources & energy as well as in costs for disposal
of waste. Besides that, it is also personally satisfying knowing that you are
contributing to South Australian eco-sustainability. It provides credibility and
assurance in your organisation for customers, employees, regulators and
other interested parties.

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Environmental Accrediation