Cresta Plastics are part of the global supply chain and are mission ready. Allow Cresta Plastics to partner with you for your next major project.


We understand the marketplace and the importance of your brands. This allows us to offer high quality product development, product liability, with production processes through to finished goods.


Cresta Plastics has experience working across diverse industries. Allow us to quote on your next project.


For over 20 years Cresta have worked on a number of electronic housing projects. We understand that quality and consistency and price are major factors. Call in and see us today to see the great work we do.

About Cresta Plastics

Cresta Plastics specialises in custom injection moulding from concept to completion working closely with our customers to get the desired result.

Since its foundation in 1968 Cresta Plastics has been a major supplier of plastic injection moulded parts at a fair price to its customers. Servicing a wide range of industries including the white goods, defence, electronics and automotive to name just a few.

Our customer’s satisfaction is proof that Australian made quality will stand the test of time.

We offer the total package bringing together an effective quality assured delivery of components at Cresta Plastics. Each task from design specification review through to value added finishes and assembly not only requires the harnessing of technology and skilled labour but a disciplined no nonsense approach.

Our Environmental Ethos

Our passion for plastic recycling permeates everything we do.

Some of our environmental practices include:

  • Running projects using up to 50% recycled PP (Polypropylene) or glass filled PP.
  • Ongoing research into recycled material as it becomes available we run tests to see if we can use it in new or existing projects. (Please remember before using recycled material in your product it is important to establish a supply of recycled material to ensure continued supply during the life of the project).
  • We have industrial granulators on site to crush up existing parts for reuse, only a small number of clients use recycled material so we have partnerships with recycling companies who may be able to use our unused plastic.
  • Encouraging and teaching our customers about the recycled materials that are available and corporate social responsibility.


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